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Branded Category Sponsorship



Applicable Rates:

  • SEO category: $35,000/quarter
  • Social Media: $20,000/quarter
  • Content Marketing category: $15,000/quarter
  • Paid Search category: $8,000/quarter

Campaign Specifications:

Client's display ads visible on Search Engine Journal’s specified branded category and sub-categories in the following ad formats:

  • Header banner with 400x400 logo displayed on all posts (Sponsor Message (150-character limit); headline (45 to 50 characters)
  • 300x600 rectangle ad to be displayed in the Website's right sidebar (up to 100K IMP/month)
    UTM links
  • Client’s Facebook pixel to fire 1 week per month (or 3 consecutive weeks) for the duration of the campaign
    3-month minimum commitment

Client may use different creatives for each category ad.

Client may change creatives up to four (4) times per month; SEJ requires a 5-day lead time to complete the changes.

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