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Client’s advertorial published on Search Engine Journal with the following campaign specifications:

  • 1,500 to 2,000-word article draft written and submitted by the Client
  • Featured image (1600x840 pixels)
  • Hero banner (1920x720 pixels)
  • Supplemental in-post photos
  • Three to four no-follow UTM links per 500 words
  • Call-to-action text copy for sticky ad banner
  • Client’s Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn pixels to be installed on applicable SEJ pages for 1 month
  • Featured in SEJToday newsletter
  • Promotions on SEJ social channels: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook (1 share per channel)

If Client is providing the content, the written draft and images are due twenty-one (21) business days before publish date. Limit one (1) round of copy editing by SEJ.

If content is to be written by an SEJ staff writer, guidelines are as follows:

  1. Client will receive one (1) 30-minute kick-off call with the writer to clearly define goals and a direction for the article
  2. Client to submit a brief 49 hours prior to the scheduled kick-off call
  3. Writer will provide one (1) outline for the post
  4. Client will have one (1) edit round opportunity for the outline
  5. Writer will provide one (1) draft for the post
  6. Client will have one (1) edit round opportunity for the post

Deadline for Client to submit final edits is four (5) working days before publication date.

Client to adhere to Search Engine Journal’s editorial guidelines; SEJ will obtain full editorial control; Post will be labeled as sponsored.

*Search Engine Journal retains the right to no-index Client's sponsored post after six months if it starts to complete with the SEJ’s non-sponsored content in organic search.

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