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Takeover Package and Pop-Up

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Rate: $10,000

Campaign Specifications:

Client's display ads visible on all Search Engine Journal impressions for the period (excludes sponsored post pages) in the following ad formats:

  • Pop-up banner 750x500 displayed upon entrance
  • Top Desktop 970x200 leaderboard
  • Nav Bar 168x48 animated gif
  • Top Mobile 320x100 leaderboard
  • In Feed 728x90
  • In Feed Mobile 300x250
  • Right Top Sidebar Ad 300x250 up to 100K IMP
  • Top AMP Header
  • Middle Mobile In-Post Ad
  • In-post content ad (excludes sponsored post pages, webinar & podcast-related pages); 150 characters of text and logo for branding

Advertisement period is 7 days.

Client to provide a 2x size version for each display ad and any UTM tracking links.

Client may change creative one time during the campaign; SEJ requires a 3-day lead time to complete the changes.

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